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IHPU Level 3 (Personal Training) Certification
  • IHPU Level 3 (Personal Training) Certification

    Course Description: The IHPU Personal Training Certification is our advanced level (level 3) certification for professional personal trainers; personal trainers at this level should be doing between 15–20 hours of training sessions per week.

    An advanced personal trainer should be able to train in different environments, use multiple modalities, and train a diverse group of clients through the entire spectrum of training intensities, from light back rehabilitation cases to entry-level fitness clients to high sports performance scenarios.

    As previously stated, education and experience enhance professional wisdom. We recommend that a trainer has 18–24 months of experience in the personal training field before taking this certification, which will facilitate more efficient and effective learning of the more complex concepts outlined in this certification.

    This certification contains approximately 14 hours of lectures and videos and provides a thorough overview of the Instructor and Exercise Specialist certifications. It also dives much deeper into the coaching, marketing, and programming areas of personal and high-performance training.

    Upon completion of this course, the professional trainer is ready to seek specialty course work, such as the following:


    • Combat sports
    • Sports-specific training certifications
    • Speed Agility and Quickness [SAQ]
    • Rehabilitation
    • Nutrition
    • And other effective and much-needed areas of expertise


    We recommend at least six months of practical experience at this level of operation before adding additional coursework. Let the material sink in as you apply it! That’s where the real learning begins.


    This course will teach you the following:


    • How to apply past trends in fitness history to modern applications
    • You will learn that “there is nothing new under the sun”; if you see it being done today chances are that it has been done before.
    • How the personal training environment can differ between companies and geographic locations
    • The importance of coaching: inspiration, motivation, and accountability are the elements that make personal training a valuable tool.
    • Exercise is the stimulus; real adaptation occurs deep in the soul.
      • More advanced biomechanical principles and how physical structure will dictate exercise selection
    • Not all great exercises are great for everyone.
      • How genetics plays a role in exercise selection, training approach, and coaching
    • Genetics goes deeper than height, weight, and muscle shape.
      • How to analyze the nature of improved sports performance
    • How are athletes becoming bigger, faster, and stronger: Training vs. technology?
      • Advanced periodization models and their application
    • Linear and undulating models for hypertrophy, strength, power, and power endurance
    • Short- and long-term planning
      • Advanced programming schemes and their application
    • Split- and full-body programs
    • 1–5-day sample programs
      • The IHP metabolic systems of training and how to use them
    • Meta protocols for all body systems will be provided
      • Sports-specific functional programs for all sports categories
    • Football
    • Tennis
    • Soccer
    • Baseball
    • Basketball
    • MMA
      • Various techniques to improve client experience
    • Client follow-up, acquiring internal references, and usage of newsletters
      • Effective promotional strategies
      • Marketing materials, events, and social media
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