The Final Countdown Manual (Book)

The Final Countdown Manual contains the last workout that Jeff Monson performed before his UFC 57 fight against Branden Lee Hinkle where Jeff Monson finished him via decision. Also in the book are World Renowned functional training guru Juan Carlos Santana and premiere strength coach, 2004 Olympian and World Class Grappler Rhadi Ferguson. The Final Countdown Book essentially illustrates how to train for competition. And 2004 Judo Olympian Rhadi Ferguson illustrates the movements and exercises that have enabled him to be one of the most explosive and exciting grappling athletes the world has ever seen. In the workout Juan Carlos Santana makes sure that Jeff and Rhadi cover everything from Olympic Weight Lifting, to medicine ball exercises, to bodyweight exercises, to stability ball exercises and everything in between. You will see exactly how Rhadi functionally trains for grip strength inside of his workout by using the Grip Dominator Sleeves You will also see how the workouts are catered towards Jeff Monson’s gripping demands in Mixed Martial Arts and submission grappling. The end of The Final Countdown DVD probably contains the most ridiculous, most brutal and hardest anaerobic circuit pushes that the grappling world and community have ever seen! The end of this workout was absolutely ferocious and at the end of it both UFC veteran Jeff Monson and 2004 Judo Olympian Rhadi Ferguson were laid out on the floor.

The Institute of Human Performance

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