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IHP University


What is it?

An economic way to fully experience IHP and have one-on-one, private consulting with JC Santana. The student has full control of content and experience.  It’s a custom-designed EXECUTIVE experience!!


There is no curriculum to learn during the IHP Executive Mentorship.  Our Executive guests CREATE their own learning experience; they go at the pace they want, ask the questions they are interested in and chose the format in which they learn best; lecture or hands-on.


What is it?

This is a one-of-a-kind fitness vacation offering VIP Professional mentorships for fitness enthusiasts, personal trainers, coaches, therapists and other fitness and allied health professionals, the purpose of which is to provide a non-threatening learning experience that enhances practical knowledge. This mentorship is not a certification; it is an educational experience.


The training principles you will learn are tried and proven at IHP day in and day out — they are not theories in a book.

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