If you appreciate quality, then we are for you! The JC Santana Bands (®) now introduces the Pro Line series. The Pro Line JC Bands offers the latest in  band training technology. Our bands resistance range from 30lbs - 260lbs, each band has a removable slot. JC Bands are extremely strong and durable. Each arm can push and pull independently. Train with a partner or connect the loop to any secure object and rock 'n' roll!​



What makes the JC Santana™ band line different?




JC Santana has been pioneering band training since the mid 1990s. His influence on band training has been so significant that many resistance training bands are generically called “JC Bands.” JC learned modern band technology from the best in the business, John Hinds (the grandfather of band training). The first JC Santana designs were the JC Sports Band (4-foot band), and the JC Traveler. Followed up designs included the triple band designs of the Predator and the Predators Jr. Since then, there have been many imitations of the JC Designs. To date, JC Santana is the leading author of band training methods and his pioneering work on band training, The Essence of Band and Pulley Training, remains the reference work for all band training performed today.


The JC Santana Band Line uses the “Dipping Process”

Our bands use only dipped rubber tubing, while many of our competitors use extruded rubber. What is the difference between the two processes? Extruded rubber tubing is much cheaper, and is made by forcing rubber through a die (a molding press), resulting in one thick layer of rubber, similar to how a rubber band is made. If there are any defects in this layer, the band will fail prematurely. Dipped rubber is made similar to how a candle is made, where the tubing is dipped several times in liquid rubber, resulting in several layers. In fact, if you look at the end of our band products under magnification, you will see rings similar to the trunk of a tree. With dipped rubber, if one layer is weak, the other layers will compensate for it and the band will not fail. We know of several customers who have had their bands for 15 to 20 years, and some of the layers of the band are shredded, but they continue to use the band, and it does not break! We must caution you, however, that some bands distributors will tell you that their bands are dipped, and they are not!



The most important feature a band has to take into consideration is SAFETY. JC Santana created a breaking mechanism that performs two important functions. The first function the breaking mechanism provides is SAFETY, that’s why we often refer to it as the SAFE STRETCH mechanism. This mechanism also connects the two end plugs by an internal cord. In the case a band breaks, the two elastic segments stay connected to the cord and do not snap on a body or property. This prevents bodily harm or property damage. The second function this breaking mechanism has is that it prevents the band from being stretched beyond its optimal safe zone (~4 times its length). Staying within the manufacturer’s suggested stretch range prevents abusive stretching and increases the life span of the band’s utility. The results? Safer and longer lasting bands.

Set-up recommendations:

The training set-up for the JC Santana PRO band line is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT – your safety depends on it. Since our training bands are so strong, what you anchor them to and how you secured them must also be secure and stable. Let’s go through the specifics for the most popular methods of securing bands. Remember, you must assume personal responsibility when using judgement in situations that are not covered here. We have seen people do very foolish things with bands that parallel blasting your hand with a hammer when pounding a nail into wood or stabbing your mouth with a fork while eating. SO, common folks, let’s be responsible and use common sense when working out with any equipment, especially when securing bands and pulling them in your direction.

· Always secure band to a strong and stable structure and follow manufacture’s Set-up recommendations.

· Never secure the band to a sharp object or one with a pronounced edge.

· Never pull a band towards anyone’s face or position it in line with anyone’s face.

· Never stretch the band beyond the manufacturers recommended stretch length.

· Never use a JC Santana band with handle or pocket from another brand.

· Never expose the band to extreme heats (e.g. leaving the band in car or outside in the heat)

· Never use in bleached or chlorinated water, such as a pool.

· Never step on band or tie band around an object to secure the band.

* CAUTION: This product contains natural rubber from LATEX, which has been known to cause allergic reactions.


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