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Biomechanics of Function Seminar
  • Biomechanics of Function Seminar

    The IHPU Biomechanics of Function seminar tackles some of the most controversial topics in fitness, such as:

    • Is the squat the king of all exercises?

    • The use of two-leg exercises to improve single-leg activities

    • Should resistance training be performed through a full range of motion?

    • Is momentum a friend or foe in strength training?

    • And much more

    Many accepted training methodologies will be discussed, analyzed, and in some instances, demolished. This seminar will tackle what functional training is and what it is not.

    Many exercises are often considered functional. However, the exact definition of function still escapes the industry. Functional training has become a runaway train, encompassing everything from balance training to insane training approaches (e.g., agility ladder drills underwater).

    To start from ground zero and get clarity regarding what function is, this seminar filters all concepts through the most common principle in training, "training specificity." If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million. Therefore, using video, this seminar SHOWS YOU what function is and what exercises to use to improve a specific activity. We believe if you can SEE it, you can train it. This seminar teaches you how to SEE movement and analyze it so you can effectively instruct training for any activity, sport, or daily activity.

    Upon completing this course, the student is ready for more complex certifications within the IHPU educational system, such as the Metabolic Training Certification, or finish all three to earn the IHPU Personal Trainer certification.


    • Exactly what are the sources of confusion in functional training

    o Social media has allowed everyone to be an expert.

    o Academics do not fully explore what modern functional training is.

    • The basic principles used in functional biomechanics ​​

    o The concept of “training specificity” still rules the game behind movement function.

    • The why’s of training

    o Why do an exercise? Why you need it? And why you need the result?

    • The what’s of training ​

    o What time do you train? What can the person do? What can trainers provide?

    • The relationship between research and practice

    o What comes first, and what follows?

    • How function uses physics

    o The roll of momentum in movement efficiency

    • Analysis of actions in sports ​​

    o Running, lifting, jumping, throwing and changes of direction!

    • Questionable training ideas

    o Balance training, proprioception training, reactive training, and more​

    • Finally, new training ideas developed at IHP

    o Developing stiffness, reactive strength, power, and explosiveness


    This course includes a complete study guide, a PowerPoint presentation from JC Santana, a video of a LIVE Certification at IHP, and the test.

    • Open the study guide for details on how to complete the certification.

    • You have 120 days to complete this course.

    • You have two chances (retakes) to pass the course.

    • If you do not successfully pass the certification after two attempts, you must pay an additional $50 fee for each retake.

    • All certifications and seminars are final sales.

    $129.99 Regular Price
    $71.49Sale Price
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