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IHP Online Nutritional Course
  • IHP Online Nutritional Course

    FUNCTIONAL ONLINE NUTRITION: Many nutrition courses end up as biochemistry courses. JC designed the IHP nutrition program to recognize the physical, emotional, and cultural components that influence nutritional practice for all people. The best nutritional program that cannot be maintained is worthless. JC is going to give you the approach that he uses with his clients to develop a lifestyle that allows them to lose weight without suffering and starving. JC is also going to give you his list of favorite supplements to speed up the process of losing fat and raising health! Once you complete your purchase you can download everything listed below.


    Included in this course:

    • 2 Videos
    • Digital Workbook




    • Introduction to the IHP Nutritional System
    • Basic principles for health and physical transformation
    • The basics of nutrition
    • The psychological of nutrition
    • practice nutrition
    • Basic supplements
    • Examples of nutritional programs
    • Conclusion
    $149.95 Regular Price
    $59.95Sale Price
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