JC's Midlife Makeover Book


JCs Midlife Makeover: Real body transformation strategies for real people. This project provides inspiration, motivation, and education to all who think that changing one's life or getting into high school shape is out of reach those in their midlife years. JC will share with you how he fought his way out of a massive spiritual, emotional and physical breakdown and his life around. He will share the lessons he learned along the way and the strategies he employed to succeed where most fail. JC will show you how to set up a winning environment and improve your spiritual health, your home structure, and your business environment. You will learn the techniques JC used to lose 40 pounds with 4 children, 8 businesses, and a 37 city tour. SO, if you are in your 30s, 40s, 50s and even 60s, and think your life can't get any better, or you can't get back in high school shape, think again. JC did and you can too - you have JC's word on it! 

The Institute of Human Performance



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