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JC's Octagon Training Certification
  • JC's Octagon Training Certification

    After ten years of development, IHP has launched the most in-depth core certification ever designed, the JC Octagon Training System! The IHPU Octagon Certification is a complete certification that explains how the core works. The Octagon represents the biomechanical function of the core’s SERAPE EFFECT, as published in the Strength and Conditioning Journal. Though not necessary, we recommend you take this course with or after the IHP Instructor Certification.

    The course will teach you the ins and outs of core training for activities such as baseball, running, boxing, golf, basketball, tennis, dancing, and much more.

    Do you know how to train the core to improve power transfer throughout the body?

    Are you confused about how to train the core for a specific sport?

    Stop the confusion NOW!

    JC Santana has made the good, the bad, and the ugly of core training and biomechanics simple. Instead of having to master complex mathematical equations, all you will need to understand are simple ‘lines of direction’; we then use visuals to show you the muscle groups that work along these lines, and BOOM!

    This system is simplified so that a person with NO education can understand the concepts presented, yet so sophisticated that it was published by the peer reviewed NSCA Journal (article included in this course). Therefore, the content underwent extreme vetting by the scientific community, and presented in a format for which IHPU has become known.

    Upon completing this course, the student is ready for more complex certifications within the IHPU educational system, such as the Biomechanics of Function, or continue a path to complete all three certifications that lead to the IHPU Personal Trainer.


    • What constitutes the body’s functional core?

    o When reading the fitness literature, you will find many definitions of the core don’t make sense.

    • What really is the function of the core?​​

    o Most fitness professionals can’t explain this function in one sentence.

    • How the core relies on the spiral mechanism to transfer power​

    o The Serape Effect is thoroughly discussed, and the NSCA article explaining the Serape is included.

    • Simple examples illustrate how the Serape works and how that function leads to the Octagon model.

    o The Octagon IS the training model of the Serape.

    • Once the Octagon is described and illustrated, a training model is provided.

    o 5 BASIC band and pulley exercises covering the eight directions of the Octagon are provided.

    • The five basic band and pulley exercises are then expanded to 30+ exercises.

    o The 30+ exercises cover all functional modalities.

    • Finally, this course provides an example of how the 30+ exercises are used to design a weekly program.​

    o This course introduces the IHP Hybrid Training system that allows ALL modalities to train the body’s core!


    This course includes a complete study guide, a PowerPoint presentation from JC Santana, a video of a LIVE Certification at IHP, and the test.

    • Open the study guide for details on how to complete the certification.

    • You have 120 days to complete this course.

    • You have two chances (retakes) to pass the course.

    • If you do not successfully pass the certification after two attempts, you must pay an additional $50 fee for each retake.

    • All certifications and seminars are final sales.

    $179.95 Regular Price
    $80.98Sale Price
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